COVID-19/Wellness Policy

During the COVID pandemic, I suggest the following treatments:

  • Massage Therapy Without the Touch

  • Therapeutic Care at Home 

  • Avoiding Seasonal Depression or Revisiting Traum

  • Tong Ren Sessions Online

  • Reiki Sessions Online

  • Sound Baths or Sound Therapy Online.


If I do not offer these services at this time, please text or call 434-260-1402 and I will direct you to someone who does.

Even as COVID case numbers shrink and rise, we still need to support self care. 

RKAS  reopened for select clientele and is watching the CDC and Virginia State Regulations daily.

I know too many people who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the area and I chose to keep myself isolated from the possibility of being infected by this mutating virus.

RKAS has not yet received the first does of COVID-19 vaccine but is on the list to have soon.

RKAS is not taking on any new clients that have not contacted about future service prior to Dec 1, 2020. 

RKAS will reopen for more clients in Spring 2021 if the second dose of the vaccine has been given to large groups of people.

RKAS has one Spring art show that I will possibly cancel unless the second dose of the vaccine has been given to large groups of people. I will also not reopen for family photography sessions, engagement sessions, weddings, or any other kind of photography until our pandemic crisis has passed.

RKAS highly recommends continual home- therapeutic-self care:

RK Arts Studio

Charlottesville, VA 22902

+1 (434) 260-1402

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