OCTOBER Candles.
    Halloween, Samhain, Autumnal Equinox candle representing the summer’s end and the final harvest. It indicates the death stage of the Wheel of the Year and the potential of new life waiting to manifest. It is a time to release old patterns of behavior so that one can enter the winter months with clarity and gratitude for the Great Wheel of Life. Example candle shown above.
    Candle: Beeswax, obsidian stone, mugwort, pumpkin and cinnamon essential oils, and a blessing.
    Lighting and burning beeswax is a very old healing tradition and spritual practice by many faiths passed down through the ages. Bees transform light from the sun into wax and as we burn the candle we free the light agains from the sun and the bee. Bees fly 150,000 miles to collect enough nectar to produce six pounds of honey just to secrete one pound of wax. It is truly a treasure to use beeswax and hold it with such gratitude.
    When burning Mugwort, it much like the sacred plant Sage that has long been used in smudging ceremonies. It  is burned to protect people from wild animals and evil spirits. Minimal amount is used because it’s related to ragweed and may cause allergies similar to ragweed. 
    Pumpkin and cinnamon essential oils bring back warm feelings and memories. This blend will not only fill your room with spicy goodness, it will also freshen the air while bringing a smile to your face. 
    Obsidian is the light in the darkness that shines for us all. This stone fragmented over the candle is a powerful cleanser of psychic smog created within your aura and is a strong energy protection stone. The energy of these stones may stimulate the gift of grounding and may boost intuition.
    RK Arts Studio has been making candles for over two decades, mainly for personal use, but we do sell them from time to time and my customers can't get enough of them. I use soy-based and beeswax-based products.  I use biosound energy techniques and lovingly-grown charged and cleansed products to enhance good vibes and energy.
    Light keeps darkness at bay. They create light, heat, and hope that our tomorrows and our yesterdays still connect to our path.  They help us focus to cope with emotional and mental health states by giving us time to breathe and the space we need to release and heal stress, grief, and imbalance. Thinking of something happy, something you are grateful for, removal of something you don't want are all things I like to do when lighting a candle. As it burns to completion, I visualize that something in completion. 
    These candles I made a few extra of and decided to share them with you.  Beeswax carefully crafted and heated, sprinkled and rolled with month-intentional choice herbs, a special oil and a particular stone. If I send these lovelies to you, they are bound in brown paper, twine with a little nature tucked in front. 
    I'll send care tips and how to use with your handmade candles. Such as: Place in traditional candle holder or  warm the base of the candle over a flame and to get it to stick in place to a fire proof plate, dish, or rock if you're outside. They are drippy candles). They should never be left unattended and kept away form animals and small children who may be injured. These don't burn like normal plain candles, so hanging out nearby is a must. <3 ~Rain
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      RK Arts Studio is not held liable for any accidents pertaining to your use of this product. We cannot be sued or held responsible in anyway for neglecting to follow proper precautions against sparking, burns or other maladies in the use of burning these candles. 

      Products are non refundable once sold. 

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